Online Lessons

Find out what is needed for online lessons today!

What is needed for online lessons?

In order to take Online Lessons, your student will need access to internet, an electronic device that can support zoom video conferencing services, stickers to label your keyboard, and lesson books.

Lesson books will be discussed with your instructor prior to your first lesson.

Zoom Download

If you need assistance downloading Zoom, please follow the instructions below.

Once Zoom has been successfully downloaded, contact us and we will schedule a test call. At this point in time, we will answer any additional questions you may have prior to the first lesson

What are the benefits of online lessons?

Online lessons allow students the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback using a remote platform. We pride ourselves with instilling confidence in your student by helping them discover their musical talent.

Each week your student will receive a recording of their lesson. The recording will guide them through their practice as they master their assigned homework.

Material List

  • Zoom
  • Electronic device that supports Zoom
  • Stand that holds your electronic device during lessons
  • Lesson Books
  • Piano Key Stickers

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